Bộ 8 Phụ Kiện Khóa Lưới Cho Loa A32

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Giới thiệu Bộ 8 Phụ Kiện Khóa Lưới Cho Loa A32

Acoustic net cover buckle, son and daughter buckle, used in speaker enclosure and box fixed, from dust, decoration, and other effects.
The buckle is made of high-quality rubber and plastic, and the mold is made of two, which reduces the probability of defective products, and has good quality of folding, good flexibility and so on,It is DIY audio accessories.
Snap fasteners are suitable for bookshelf boxes and other relatively small speakers and other objects that need to be fixed on both sides.
For example: Bookshelf box, 4, 5, 6, 8 inch speaker speakers.
Usually a speaker uses 4-8 sets, a pair of boxes need 8-12 sets, you can according to the actual situation to buy the appropriate.
Material: Rubber/Plastic
Size: 25x20x20mm

Package Includes:
8 Sets of Mesh Cover Buckle
Liên kết: Phấn nước đa năng Kiềm dầu Oil Control Water Cushion EX SPF50+ PA+++ fmgt