Bảng Mạch Bảo Vệ Loa Khuếch Đại Âm Thanh Kỹ Thuật Số 2.1 Kênh 300w

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Giới thiệu Bảng Mạch Bảo Vệ Loa Khuếch Đại Âm Thanh Kỹ Thuật Số 2.1 Kênh 300w

Product description:

With delay and DC protection (default 1.8V control, DC sensitivity can be adjusted)

Protection board parameters:

Voltage input: DC12-16V or AC12-16V

Channel design: independent three channels

Can withstand power: power within 300W*3

Size: 97*51*17MM


-This common power DC protection board uses an optocoupler. Since the optocoupler has input and output isolation,

-Electrical signal transmission has the characteristics of unidirectionality, so it has good electrical insulation and anti-interference ability.

-Since the input end of the optocoupler belongs to the low-resistance type of current type operation, it has strong common mode suppression capability.

-The power and sound source are separated, and the sound source will not be affected!


-The protection board uses 1.6 thick 1A copper surface, double-sided tin plating process, the input voltage is DC12V-16V or AC 12-16V.

-Turn on the power (red) indicator light, the work indicator light is normal, the relay is closed, if the impact protection board automatically adjusts the suction time (waiting for the current to pass through the relay)!

-The power supply can be the same as the power amplifier. Each of the three channels of the audio source is independent. It is suitable for non-common ground and BTL circuit amplifiers.

-The terminal block is 7.62 pitch, and the 1/2W metal film exceeds the standard. The internal resistance is reduced for high current design!

-The j-oint v-enture S-ongle relay as the core component is not afraid of contact sparking and oxidation, and lossless transmission of sound!

Package included:
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