Bộ Chia Tần Số Chuyên Dụng Cho Máy Chiếu D224 80w

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Giới thiệu Bộ Chia Tần Số Chuyên Dụng Cho Máy Chiếu D224 80w


Divider is a circuit within the speaker device, different bands (treble, bass) sound signal to distinguish, respectively, to the amplification, and then sent to the corresponding band of speakers and then replay
A wonderful tool for you to use this amplifier on your car, motorcycle, golf cart and other places, where you need small amplifier in order to have a better listening experience.
Suitable for listening to music in the room, the keyboard and violin, guzheng, pipa, rain and so on, the voice of nature
Treble for 3.3uF 50V diameter 16mm Metal film No sense capacitor, import resistance and overcurrent protector.Bass for oxygen-free copper core inductance.Good material,very convenient
If you like to listen to higher quality music, come and get it now!


Maximum power:80W
Frequency response:48Hz~20kHz
Applicable impedance:4~8Ω
Applicable:Speakers Treble and Bass(Below 8inch 80W)

Package Includes:

1 Piece Frequency Divider
Liên kết: Kem nền dạng thỏi Multi Stick Foundation SPF45 PA++ #V203 (Tone tự nhiên)