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Giới thiệu Chuột Quang Gaming Không Dây 113 2.4g

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Wireless mouse optical technology gift 113 new gaming mouse new optical mouse wireless optical mouse 2.4G

1. Realize wireless free movement within a distance of 10 meters;
2. The resolution frequency conversion button can realize the resolution frequency switching (1000dpi-1200dpi-1600dpi) three speeds;
3. Can scroll up and down line by line;
4. Automatic sleep power saving function, intelligent sleep saves power and is more durable;
5. Shortcut keys can be used to browse the Internet or applications, and easily implement the "forward" and "backward" functions on the toolbar;
6. High-performance wear-resistant foot pads, easy to achieve barrier-free sliding.
7. Wireless mouse, no cable, if there is a large screen, it can be operated very far away, it is convenient to carry, and it is convenient to carry on business trips. Using two AAA batteries, the mouse has automatic sleep function. It can save electricity for a long time.

name:113 new gaming mouse
Article number: 7500
color: gray . black. blue. red. Silver

Package included:
1 x 113 new gaming mouse
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