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Giới thiệu Chuột Quang Không Dây Mini Cho Pc / Laptop


1. Take it with you - the ultra-small mouse design that you carry with you.
In addition, the setup is simple. Just plug in the USB receiver and start using the mouse. Compared to the touchpad of a laptop, you'll enjoy more precision and control from wireless freedom.

2. Small size, carry it with you
Thanks to its ultra-small design that fits in your pocket, you can place it anywhere you carry your laptop.

3. Reliable wireless connection
Say goodbye to the wires and enjoy the convenience and convenience of wireless - fast data transfer with little delay or loss. (up to 10 meters)

4. Wireless receiver
The USB receiver is very small and can be left in the USB port without having to worry about losing or damaging it. If you really need to delete it, it will be stored inside the mouse.

Product specifications and details:

Product Name: varnish roll children wireless mouse
Length: 80mm 3.14 inches
Width: 59mm 2.32 inches
Thickness: 28mm 1.10 inches
Net weight: 36g
Interface type: USB receiver
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