Dây Cáp Mạng Lan Rj45 2000mhz 40gbps Cho Laptop Pc Lan Wire

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Giới thiệu Dây Cáp Mạng Lan Rj45 2000mhz 40gbps Cho Laptop Pc Lan Wire

Data Transfer Speed: 40Gbps
Connectors Type: 24K Gold-plated RJ45 (8P8C)
Conductors Material: 28 AWG stranded 100% oxygen-free copper
More different length for choice: 1.5ft(0.5m)/ 3.28ft (1m)/ 6.56ft (2m)/ 10ft (3m)/ 16ft(5m)/ 32ft(10m)/ 39ft(12m)/ 49ft(15m)
Construction: S/FTP (Shielded Foiled Twi-sted Pair)
Cable Type: Category 8 (Cat8)
Bandwidth: Support up to 2000Mhz
Jacket Material: Environmental PVC
What is Category 8 Cable?
Category 8 cables is a new category of cabling that has been developed to support 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T applications developed by the IEEE. Category 8 cabling has a greater throughput capability; it can support transmission of data up to 40Gbps over balanced twi-sted pair copper cable.

High Quality Material:
Our cat 8 Ethernet cables are made of 100% premium Oxygen-free copper wire, making our cables fully compliant with UL standards. These high-quality cables provide exceptional transmission performance and low signal losses. The flexible RJ45 cable features a durable outer PVC jacket for protection and RJ45 connectors with gold plating for accurate data transfer and corrosion-free connectivity.

Fast Transfer Speed:
With fast speeds of up to 40GB per second, our category 8 cable provide reliable, efficient data transfer for server applications, cloud storage, game, video streaming and more. This LAN cable support up to 2000MHz, giving you fast throughput speeds and fewer network bottlenecks to increase your network's overall performance.

SFTP Shileded
Made of 4 shielded Twi-sted Pairs by Oxygen-free copper(28AWG). Overall aluminum foil shield and braided shield, 3 Shielded Twi-sted pair(SFTP). Protection against electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI), and eliminates alien crosstalk (AXT). Guarantee the fastest rate of signal transmission.

Maximum Compatibility:
High quality shielded RJ45 connectors with 24K gold-plated contacts, ensure corrosion resistance & long-term performance (without noise or signal loss) for up to 2000 insertions. Backwards compatible with Cat7/6/6e/5/5e Ethernet devices. It is also better for gaming PS4, X-Box, Cloud data Server, Patch Panels and other high performance networking applications.

Kindly Note:
Network speed is determined by factors other than just cables, like a router/ switch box. The speed of the network can only be as fast as the slowest component.

Package Included:
1 * CAT8 Ethernet Cable

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