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Giới thiệu Bộ Điều Hợp Bluetooth Không Dây Mini Cho Tay Cầm Chơi Game

Transmission distance: 10M
Bluetooth level: class2
Frequency band: 2.4G ISM band
Usb standard: USB 2.0
Working voltage: 5V
Output power: 0 ~ + 4dBm
Standard: Bluetooth4.0
Connection method: Piconet / Scatternet Support
Bluetooth protocol: A2DP, HSP, HFP
Receiving sensitivity: -75dB
Audio decoding: 16bit codec
The Bluetooth Dongle was upgraded to the latest version with stable performance.
Perfect Compatible:Fits for ANY Bluetooth Headsets
An USB adapter that will connect to any Bluetooth audio device when you plug into your USB slot. Comes with a wireless microphone that will enable you to chat when you plug into the controller.

-Turn on the power for PS4 and insert the Bluetooth adapter into one of the USB ports for PS4.
-If it is used for the first time, the adapter is inserted into the USB port for PS4, and the blue light flashes slowly. Long press the button for about 2 seconds, the blue light flashes fast, and enters the pairing state. At this time, turn on the Bluetooth headset and enter the pairing state, and wait for the USB adapter to connect with the Bluetooth headset. When the connection is successful, the blue light of the USB adapter turns on, indicating that the Bluetooth is connected.
-Insert the microphone into the headphone jack for PS4 handle.
-Enter for PS4 setting interface.
-Select to enter the "peripheral machine" menu.
-Select sound device.
-Set "input device as" "USB audio device".
-Set "output device" to "USB audio device".
-Adjust the microphone volume, test the microphone volume at the same time, and press the "OK" key to finish the setting.
-Adjust the earphone volume to the appropriate size.
-Set the output to headphones as all sounds.
-Now, you can use Bluetooth headset to listen to the sound in the game for PS4, and enjoy unrestricted game fun.

Note: Please allow errors of the color from different monitors and the measure by hands.

1 x Bluetooth Headset USB Receiver
1 x 3.5mm Jack Microphone adapter

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