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Giới thiệu Mạch Chia Tần Số Âm Thanh Cho Loa Diy

Subwoofer divider
Dividing the total frequency signal of amplifier,Barrier to high-frequency signals,
Bass and subwoofer through,After installation of the divider,Feeling more bass,
The human voice smaller,No treble,Speaker sound smaller. This is normal
Woofer is not affected by the high-frequency signal interference, the intensity bigger.
large inductance.

Model Number: WEAH-85
Size: 8.8 cmx 5.5 cmx 3.5 cm.
Install diagonal hole position 9.5cm, adjacent angle: 5cm
Power: 200W (200W below, suitable for subwoofers from 5 inches to 8 feet).
Impedance: 4-8 Euro.
Circuit: 12db/oct.
Pull switch: low audio sound adjustable range: about 3Hz
Package Includes:
1 Piece Board
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