Máy Nghe Nhạc Mp3 Mp4 32gb Bluetooth 4.2 Kèm Phụ Kiện

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Giới thiệu Máy Nghe Nhạc Mp3 Mp4 32gb Bluetooth 4.2 Kèm Phụ Kiện

1. Support Bluetooth 4.2 function.
2. Matte material body, non-slip hand feel, new simple MP3 style.
3. Support 32G memory card.
4. Support music, radio, recording, video, e-book, built-in stopwatch function.
5. Support multiple play modes.
6. MP3 comes with a card slot, plug and play, support MP3 music format and AMV video format.
7. Built-in 250mAh polymer lithium battery, can play continuously for 6-8 hours.
8. Has a breakpoint resume function.
9. Default English, built-in 13 languages can be switched at will.
10. Awesome seven button design, one-button menu, one-button return function.
11. Adjustable power saving mode and sleep mode, perfect partner for relaxing songs at night.
Music function: support MP3 format
Video function: support AMV format
Picture function: support JPG, JPEG format
E-book function: support TXT format
Bluetooth function: support Bluetooth 4.2 (compatible with most Bluetooth devices in the market)
Radio function: support
Recording function: support
Stopwatch function: support
Timed shutdown function: support
Battery capacity: 250mAh (with circuit protection)
Continuous use time: 4-6 hours
Charging time: 90 minutes
Maximum supported memory: 32G memory card
Screen size: 1.8 inches
Screen color: color screen
Language: Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew.
Size: Approx. 9*4*1cm/3.54*1.57*0.39inch
M (menu) button in the upper left corner: Press to bring up the menu interface.
The back button in the upper right corner: Short press to exit the menu or volume setting, long press to exit to the main menu mode.
LAST button on the left: Short press to switch to the previous file, long press to rewind.
NEXT button on the right: Short press to switch to the next song file, long press the fast forward function.
The + button above: Volume up, or move the menu selection up.
The - button below: Volume down, or move the menu selection down.
The middle button is the play button: Short press to pause, long press to shut down.
Package Included:
1*mp3 music player
1* data line
1* headphone cable
1* User Manual
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