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Giới thiệu Mô Đun Khuếch Đại Âm Thanh Bluetooth 12v 24v 10w 15w 20w Chuyên Dụng

Dear, welcome to Deceble, I wish you a pleasant shopping experience here, the following is our new product, welcome to buy, please go down to see ~

Product model: XY-P15W
Working Voltage: DC: 8-24V
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Transmission Distance: 15 m (visible without occlusion)
Number of Channels: Dual Channels (Stereo)
Output power (1KHz):
16W*2 12V 4Ω
10W*2 12V 8Ω
15W*2 16V 8Ω
20W*2 20V 8Ω
30W*2 24V 8Ω (with radiator)
Adaptable speaker (30W~150W):
4 ohms (8-12V power supply)
8 ohms (8-24V power supply)
16 ohms (8-24V power supply)
Modular protection mechanism: power supply reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, self-recovery overheating protection
Product size: 50mm*33mm*14mm/1.96*1.29*0.55''
Packing weight: 14g
Type: With Acrylic Case, No Acrylic Case

1. After switching on the power supply, the blue indicator flashes and enters Bluetooth mode; after broadcasting "prompt sound", it enters pairing mode and waits for pairing.
2. Bluetooth searches for "XY-P15W" (the name of the power amplifier board device), clicks on the "XY-P15W" connection, and plays the "prompt sound" after the connection is successful. When the indicator lights are long bright, mobile music can be played, and the indicator lights flash slowly when playing music.
3. After Bluetooth disconnects, the amplifier board prepares for the next pairing, plays the "prompt" and enters the pairing mode to wait for the pairing.

Warm Tips:
1. Use power amplifier board as far away from WIFI signal as possible (router).
2. The recommended supply voltage is 8-24V. If it exceeds 26V, the chip will burn out.
3. Power supply shall not exceed 12V when connected to 4Ohm and 24V when connected to 8Ohm horn.
4. The recommended supply current is more than 2A.
5. The working power of the module exceeds 20W*2, and the radiator is needed.
6. Horn line should not be too long to ensure that it is suitable within 1 meter.
7. Pay attention to static electricity protection. Before contacting the power amplifier board, the static electricity on the hand should be released to avoid the breakdown of the chip by static electricity. Bluetooth chip is sensitive to static electricity.
8. Suggestions are made for adapting the rated power of the horn to 30 W or more to avoid the burnout of the horn due to fever.
9. In order to improve the performance of modules, it is recommended that power amplifier chips and radiators be used in application scenarios that work more than 20W*2.

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.
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