Mô Đun Loa Bluetooth Ct14 Micro 4.2 5w + 5w

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Giới thiệu Mô Đun Loa Bluetooth Ct14 Micro 4.2 5w + 5w

Weight: 7 g

New products on shelves: Ct14 4.2 (())

Warning: The charging interface of this product is a current-limited charging mode, no charge management For your life and property safety, be sure to use lithium batteries with protective plates produced by regular manufacturers, loss caused by improper use, the company is not responsible

Note: This product will be shut off automatically after 10 minutes on standby, need to be re-installed

Bluetooth module operation: Turn on bluetooth cell phone, scanning equipment, find dw-ct14 + Click on the connection.

This bluetooth version is 4.2. You can accommodate all mobile phones and bluetooth adapters on the market. The open ground transport distance is about 15 meters. Support automatic reconnecting of the paired device and automatically play music.

Description of use:

- bluetooth version 4.2.

- support usb sound card, no driver, plug and play (Under normal lithium battery power supply)。

- this product has its own double 5 w amplifier circuit. No additional amplifier is required The output of two amplifiers should not be connected in parallel or the negative poles together, otherwise damage the amplifier chip.

- two euros can be followed, respectively、 3-10w horn, promote 4 5w and 4 10w. The output is stereo.

- maximum working current 5v2a, power supply using a stabilized power supply of 5 v2a or above, better sound quality

- 3.7v lithium batteries recommended (Lithium batteries need protective plates) Usb, usb port can also be used as power supply or 5 v adapter. Dry batteries cannot be used, charging treasure, voltages such as multifunction transformers、 power supply with unstable currents

- keep bluetooth antennas close to metal parts when installed, to avoid affecting transmission distance.
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