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Giới thiệu Tai Nghe Nhét Tai Welco Kết Nối Bluetooth 5.1 Kèm Phụ Kiện

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1. Bluetooth 5.1, the signal is more stable, and the power consumption is lower. Provides superb listening experience.
2. It can not only charge the headset, but also charge the mobile phone as an emergency power bank.
3. Automatically turn on and pair, the headset will automatically turn on when you take it out, then enter mobile phone bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
4. LED digital power display, newly upgraded charging bay power display, left and right earphones and charging bay power at a glance.
5. The two headsets can be used simultaneous or separately based on your need. Can be shared and used with others.

Item Type: Wireless Headset
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Bluetooth Version: V5.1
Wireless Protocol: HFP, A2DP, HSP, AVRCP
Built-in Battery: 35mah lithium battery for headset, 180mah lithium battery for charging compartment
Control Method: Button
Compatible System: For IOS/ANDROID/WINDOWS
Communication Distance: 10m/32.8ft (barrier-free space environment)
How to Use:
1. Take it out of the charging compartment or press and hold the left and right earphone multi-function keys for 3 seconds at the same time to turn on, until the red and blue lights flash alternately, enter the earphone search pairing state, and enter the earphone automatic pairing. After the pairing is successful, the main ear (right ear) will remain red The blue light flashes alternately, and the auxiliary ear flashes blue slowly, and the sound of the headset pairing success is played at the same time.
2. Activate the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone or other device. If it is for Android phone or device, please click the "Search Bluetooth device" option on the phone. If it is for IOS system phone or device, it will automatically search for the device; when the model of the Bluetooth headset is found after that, click to enter the pairing; when the pairing is successful, the main (right) earphone will sound a notification sound that the connection is successful, the left and right earphone indicator lights will flash blue slowly, and enter the connection standby state. After the pairing is successful, the main ear will be the right channel. The secondary ear is the left channel.
3. The two earphones can also be paired with the mobile phone separately, and the operation method can be operated according to the operation method of step 2 above.

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