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Giới thiệu Túi đựng bảo vệ loa ngoài nhỏ gọn

Applicable to male and female-male sterilizers, wear resistant to dirt, earthquake resistant males.
Real machine open die, close the body.
High grade nylon, getting a cool stick, put on hardware fittings.
Hand rope design, easy to go with.
Origin: China
Reduction in the number of people: 11.0 Persistence of mishap 9.0
Colour: Reduction in the number of people
Products: Wear resistant to dirt
Material: Nylon

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About availability: Non prepaid commodities, you can join in the cars.

Customers who are very rushed are also required to consider it carefully (I hope you're all mad)
Upon arrival at the store, sms notice will be received, please get one as soon as possible, thank you
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